The Louis-Jeantet Auditorium

The Louis-Jeantet Auditorium is linked to the Villa by a patio garden inspired by Moghol gardens and the courtyards of Persian mosques. From the patio, a large revolving door gives access to the Auditorium.  The continuity in space is assured by the materials used – black shale, architectural concrete, panels with Bakelite finish and bright colours – their presence inside the building recalls the garden outside. The interplay of shadow and light then brings it all together.

A huge natural light well illuminates the stage. Openings in the surfaces of the architectural features bring light to areas otherwise in darkness. And even if the Auditorium is situated on the lower ground floor, the visitor never has the impression of being beneath a residential apartment block. At night the lighting is reversed, now coming from recessed spotlights in the floor or in the streams and fountains of the garden.