Creation of the Louis-Jeantet Centre

Towards the end of the 1980’s, the Louis-Jeantet Foundation expressed interest in a private mansion known as the Villa Edelstein. Built at the beginning of the 20th century in a neo-Renaissance style, this listed building was in a sorry state. Damaged by fire and subsequently abandoned, the residence nonetheless remained a jewel in the crown of the cultural heritage of Geneva. It enjoyed a privileged location, situated close to the university hospital complex.

In 1992, after years of negotiations, the State of Geneva agreed to cede the leasehold for 99 years to the Louis-Jeantet Foundation for the nominal sum of one franc, and a commitment to renovate the building. Given the size and importance of the job, the Foundation organised an international architectural competition, covering an Auditorium, the garden and the renovation of the old mansion. The competition was won by the Domino architects together with the Ter landscape gardeners.

The Villa Louis-Jeantet was renovated by specialists in the conservation of patrimony, under the supervision of the architect Pierre Bosson. The Foundation set up its headquarters there in 1998.