The Winners of the Louis-Jeantet Prize for Medicine

The 1998 Louis-Jeantet Prize Winners

THE 1998 LOUIS-JEANTET PRIZE-WINNERS are Denis DUBOULE (Geneva), Walter KELLER (Basel) and Ronald A. LASKEY (Cambridge, UK).

The 1998 Louis-Jeantet Prize for Medicine honours research work in developmental biology - the medical implications of which involve malformations - as well as in molecular and cell biology - with numerous implications, notably in the field of cancer.

Denis DUBOULE is studying the principle of "colinearity" according to which genes involved in bud development are induced in time and space in the same order as their relative position on chromosomes.

Walter KELLER is a specialist of the biochemistry of mRNA and elucidates its maturation in the cell nucleus.

Ronald A. LASKEY is interested in the mechanisms of protein import into the cell nucleus and the control of DNA replication.

THE AWARD CEREMONY was held on Friday April 24, 1998, in Geneva (Switzerland).