House of Foundations

In November 2012, the House of Foundations was officially inaugurated at the Louis-Jeantet Centre.

Created at the initiative of the Louis-Jeantet Foundation and of SwissFoundations, an association of Swiss grant-making foundations, and based on an equivalent model developed in Zurich in 2010, the House of Foundations aims at becoming a privileged place for meeting and exchanging with other foundations and philanthropic initiatives issuing from the Lake Geneva region.

The majority of the foundations do indeed wish to improve coordination and collaboration between them and believe that joint reflections, sharing of experiences and management structures are essential to the smooth running of foundations and to improve their impact on society.

This initiative was highly successful and the following foundations are now hosted at the House of Foundations:

  1. SwissFoundations
  2. Association de Genève des Fondations Académiques, AGFA
  3. Fondation Latsis Internationale
  4. Isocrates Foundation
  5. Fondation pour la Recherche sur le Diabète
  6. Fondation Aletheia
  7. Fonds Général de l’Université de Genève
  8. Fondation Roger de Spoelberch
  9. Fondation Insuleman
  10. Swiss Institute of Cell Therapies, SICT
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