The 2010 Louis-Jeantet Prize Winners

The 2010 LOUIS-JEANTET PRIZE FOR MEDICINE is awarded to the French cardiologist Michel HAÏSSAGUERRE (University and University Hospital of Bordeaux) and to the British biologist Austin SMITH (Cambridge University).

THE FOUNDATION distinguishes in 2010 not only a biologist whose fundamental research will have important repercussions in the field of medicine, but also and for the first time a doctor whose clinical research has revolutionised the treatment of cardiac rhythm disorders.

THE AWARD CEREMONY was held on Tuesday October 12, 2010, in Geneva Switzerland.

The journal EMBO Molecular Medicine featured special contributions by the prize-winners (Vol. 2, Issue 4, April 2010) and sponsored the 2010 Louis-Jeantet Prize Lectures at The EMBO Meeting (Barcelona, 4-7 September, 2010).