Support to local research

The Louis-Jeantet Foundation invests each year nearly 2 million Swiss francs to support local biomedical research, an amount comparable to the amount allocated to European research.

It is normal, in this context, to favor the Faculty of Medicine at the University of Geneva. A firm anchor, which does not prevent its support to other institutions, or to be open to new horizons.

Additional resources allocated by the Foundation allow the Faculty of Medicine to maintain or create centers of research and excellence in its priority areas such as neuroscience, chronic diseases (metabolic and vascular), transplantation and stem cells, host-pathogen relationships, imaging and information science, humanitarian medicine and medical genetics.

The Foundation does not aim to substitute for state funding, but to offer the Faculty of Medicine of the University of Geneva the financial flexibility to optimally achieve its strategic objectives.

As a member of the Geneva Association of Academic Foundations AGFA, the Louis-Jeantet Foundation applies the principles of collaboration with the universities adopted by this Association.