The Louis-Jeantet Prize for Medicine

Established in 1986, the Louis-Jeantet Prize for medicine is awarded each year to experienced researchers who have distinguished themselves in the field of biomedical research in Europe. It is not intended as the consecration of work that has been completed, but rather to encourage the continuation of research projects of major importance to fundamental or clinical medicine.

The Prize is endowed with CHF 1.4m. The sum available to each prize-winner amounts to CHF 700’000, of which CHF 625’000 are to be used for financing ongoing research and CHF 75’000 are given to the researcher personally.

Since 1986, the Foundation awarded more than CHF 60m. to the 88 winners of the Louis-Jeantet Prize for medicine for the continuation of their research projects.

Their geographical distribution by country does not necessarily reflect the nationalities of the prize-winners – who can come from all over the world. It reflects the spread of the European centres of excellence in biomedical research.

The main fields of research that are promoted are physiology, biophysics, structural biology, biochemistry, cellular and molecular biology, developmental biology and genetics. The Louis-Jeantet Prize for medicine has notably supported outstanding work on immunology, virology, bacteriology, neurobiology and in clinical epidemiology.

The Foundation rewards excellence. Ten winners of the Louis-Jeantet Prize for medicine have subsequently been distinguished by the Nobel Prizes in physiology or medicine, or in chemistry.

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