The Louis-Jeantet Professors

Since 1987, the Faculty of Medicine has appointed 10 Louis-Jeantet Professors, international leading experts in their fields.

An agreement between the University of Geneva and the Foundation governs the creation and funding of these positions. Louis-Jeantet Professors receive funding covering their academic salary, as well as the necessary infrastructure and staffing requirements.

The Louis-Jeantet Professors appointed since 1987 to date are:

  1. Anne-Claude Gavin, metabolism (2019-ongoing)
  2. Antoine Flahault, global health (2014-2018)
  3. Andreas Kleinschmidt, clinical neurosciences (2012-2016)
  4. Emmanouil Dermitzakis, genetics of complex traits (2009-2014)
  5. Ariel Ruiz i Altaba, stem cells (2004-2008)
  6. Lars French, clinical neurosciences and dermatology (2003-2006), Prof. French is now pursuing his career at the University of Zurich
  7. Karl-Heinz Krause, biology of ageing (2001-2005)
  8. Bernardino Fantini, medical history (1992-1995), now honorary professor
  9. Bernard Mach, molecular genetics (1991-1998), now honorary professor
  10. Philippe A. Halban, diabetics (1987-2001), now honorary professor