Priority topics

Since 2010, the support provided by the Louis-Jeantet Foundation to the Faculty of Medicine of the University of Geneva is divided into 3 areas:

  1. Translational clinical research
  2. Primary care medicine
  3. International Cooperation and Humanitarian Action

Translational Clinical Research – Louis-Jeantet Scholarships

To promote translational clinical research, three Louis-Jeantet scholarships (CHF 200,000 over two years each) are regularly open to aplicants based on the criteria of relevance, feasibility, budget and transversality. The purpose of these grants is to fund a project which must involve a HUG / Faculty of Medicine clinical research group and a group of basic research of the Faculty of Medicine.

The next deadline for submission of proposals is 29 January 2016. More information and submission of applications on the HUG website.

2013 scholarship recipients:

  1. Laurent Kaiser, Department of Internal Medicine Specialties, & E. Zdobnov, Department of Medical and Developmental Genetics: “High throughput hunting for virus Associated with glioblastoma and acute meningoencephalitis”
  2. Jean-Paul Vallée, Department of Radiology and Medical Informatics & S. Seigneux, Department of Internal Medicine Specialties: «MRI evaluation of fibrosis and inflammation in the kidney: validation of new tools in animal models and kidney allograft patients»
  3. Barbara Wildhaber, Department of Pediatrics, & Marisa Jaconi, Department of Pathology and Immunology: «Genetically-corrected hepatocytes from human induced pluripotent stem cells to treat inborn metabolic liver diseases».

Primary Care Medicine

The deficit in Switzerland of primary care physicians – general internists and pediatricians – and the economic need to develop this specialization led the Faculty of Medicine of the University of Geneva to modify its teachings and strongly promote these specializations among its students. The Louis-Jeantet subsidies have enabled the Faculty of Medicine and the Primary Care Medical Unit to rapidly develop this new curriculum. The support of the Foundation is ongoing.

International Cooperation and Humanitarian Action

The Faculty of Medicine of the University of Geneva is actively involved in international and humanitarian projects. The Louis-Jeantet Foundation supports since 2012 two major projects:

  1. Financial assistance for a period of 3 years to the HSeT Foundation, which develops e-learning projects in international and humanitarian fields.
  2. Assistance from the Faculty of Medicine at the University of Geneva to the establishment of a comprehensive Faculty of medicine at the University of Mauritius. Initiated in 2011 by greeting the project manager in Geneva, this international cooperation project started in 2013 with the first 25 students entering the programme. 25 additional students entered the programme in 2014 and in 2015.