Prize Winners

Prize Winners
Doctor Helder Maiato
Winner of the Louis-Jeantet Young Investigator Career Award (YICA) 2015

Helder Maiato did his PhD work at the University of Porto and the University of Edinburgh, and Post-doc at the Wadsworth Center in New York. He now heads the Chromosome Instability & Dynamics group at the Institute for Molecular & Cell Biology (IBMC) of the University of Porto and serves as National Counsellor for Science and Technology to the Portuguese Prime Minister.

Helder Maiato and his team are interested in understanding how chromosome segregation is regulated in space and time during cell division. The team uses and develops state-of-the-art live-cell microscopy and molecular tools to investigate the fundamental mechanisms underlying accurate chromosome segregation in animal model cell systems, and the respective implications to cancer.

Institute for Molecular and Cell Biology
Chromosome Instability & Dynamics Lab.
University of Porto
Rua do Campo Alegre, 823
4150-180 Porto

Phone: +351 22 6074900 (office: ext# 1617; lab: ext#1613)