Call for Nominations

Nominees for the Louis-Jeantet Foundation’s Prizes must be nominated either by scientific personalities (without any family ties with the nominee), or by institutions (universities or major agencies funding research), who possess detailed knowledge of the nominee’s work.

More than one scientist may be nominated if the individuals have worked as a team or independently made key contributions. Nominations for the 2025 Prizes are open. The deadline for submission is February 27, 2024.

Submit a nomination for the Louis-Jeantet Prize

Submit a nomination for the Collen-Jeantet Prize

Nomination instructions:

  1. At the Scientific Committee’s discretion, all nominations may be considered for both the Louis-Jeantet Prize and the Collen-Jeantet Prize.
  2. Self nominations are not accepted.
  3. Nominees should not be informed of their nomination.
  4. Nominations of candidates under 50 are encouraged.

Nominations sould provide :

  1. A summary of the main scientific achievements and present research activities of the nominee(s) (4600 characters or less).
  2. One sentence stating the major contribution of the nominee(s) (250 characters or less).
  3. One sentence stating the significance of the nominee(s)’s work outside the specific research field (250 characters or less).
  4. A list of other scientist(s), in addition to the nominee(s), who should be considered for this award.
  5. If possible, CV and publication list, which may be uploaded as part of the online submission.

For further information, kindly contact Costanza Panbianco, Scientific Associate of the Louis-Jeantet Foundation.