The 2023 Louis-Jeantet Prize Winners

The 2023 Louis-Jeantet Prizes are awarded to Dario ALESSI, Director of the MRC Protein Phosphorylation Unit at the University of Dundee, UK, and, jointly, to Ivan ĐIKIĆ, Director of the Institute of Biochemistry II at Goethe University Frankfurt, and Brenda SCHULMAN, Director at the Max Planck Institute of Biochemistry in Martinsried, Germany.

Dario ALESSI, of British nationality, is awarded the 2023 Jeantet-Collen Prize for Translational Medicine for elucidating molecular bases of neurodegenerative disorders and developing novel approaches to therapeutic intervention in Parkinson’s disease.

Ivan ĐIKIĆ, of Croatian nationality, and Brenda SCHULMAN, of American nationality, will share the 2023 Louis-Jeantet Prize for Medicine for their contributions to our understanding of the functions of ubiquitin and the mechanisms of ubiquitination.